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The story of our parish begins in December, 1978. Father Joseph M. Stanichar, our founding Pastor, had retutrned from a tour of duty in England as a Chaplain in the United States Air Force and was about to begin his next assignment as a Chaplain at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane, Washington. Bishop Michael Dudick of the Eparchy of Passaic and Bishop Emil Mihalik of the Eparchy of Parma, which then included the western United States, asked Father Stanichar to explore the possiblity of establishing a Byzantine Catholic parish in Spokane.

Father Stanichar celebrated the first Divine Liturgy at the Chapel of Fairchild Air Force Base in January of 1979. A small group of people from both the military and civillian communities began to attend the Divine Liturgy on a regular basis. As the group grew, efforts were made to raise money and to find a location for a church. In August, 1979 three parishioners signed an agreement to purchase a small church, then known as the Trentwood Chapel, located at 4315 North Evergreen Road in Spokane (now the City of Spokane Valley). The closing took place in September of 1979 with the aid of the Eparchy of Parma.

Father Stanichar and the parishioners then undertook the big job of extensive renovation with a grant from the Eparchy of Parma and money raised from many friends in various parts of the United States. Professional and skilled labor from parishioners and friends came together to accomplish the work. The church was completely renovated. A narthex was constructed joining the church building with another building behind it, in order to create a larger facility. The back part of the enlarged facility was then renovated into an apartment for the priest.

Father Stanichar celebrated the first Divine Liturgy, in the newly renovated church, on Palm Sunday, March 29, 1980. Bishop Emil Mihalik sanctified and decicated the church on October 7, 1980 celebrating the first Pontifical Divine Liturgy of the Byzantine Ruthenian Catholic Church in the Pacific Northwest.

Four priests have served Saints Cyril and Methodius parish over the years since Father Stanichar left to become the founding pastor of Saint John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church in Seattle, Washington. Our parish has experienced ups and downs over the years. Yet, by the grace of God, our parish has survived and grown. We have completed more renovation during the past two years. The house next door to the church, which the parish used as a rental income property for many years, has been renovated to become the new rectory. The former priest’s apartment, in the rear of the church building, has been renovated to become a new hall.

As we celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary we thank God for His blessings to our parish over the years and look forward to many fruitful years.

Visit from Bishop Gerald 2011

Easter Sunday (Pascha) 2004

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is risen!
Christos Voskrese! Voistinu voskrese!
Christos Anesti! Alethos Anesti!
Ta Criosd ar eirigh! Go deimhin, ta e ar eirigh!
Cristus prisikeles! Tikri jis prisikeles!
Helisituosi fuhuole! Queshi fuhuole!
Christus ist Auferstanden! Wahrhaf auferstanden!
Khristus Zmartvikstau! Zaiste Zmartvikstau!

Visit From Bishop William 2003


Visit From St. Nicholas 2003

Visit From Bishop William 2002

Bishop William with all of the Parish children

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