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2011 Liturgical Calendar

Below is a brief listing of feast days.


January 1-Curcumcision of Our Lord
January 6 -Theophany of Our Lord
January 30-Three Holy Hierarchs


February 2-Encounter of Our Lord with Simeon - Presentation of Our Lord at the Temple. Blessing of the Candles. This is one of the most ancient of all of the feasts.
February 14-Death of Cyril, Apostle to the Slavs.
February 20-Sunday of the Prodigal Son.
February 26-First All Souls Saturday.
February 27-Sunday of Meat fare.


March 6-Sunday of Cheese fare.
March 7-First Day of the Great Fast. Strict fast and abstinence required. No Meat or Dairy products. Abstinence and other penances traditionally observed throughout the Great Fast. Monday to Friday in the Great Fast are aliturgical (without Divine Liturgy) days. The Presanctified Liturgy is celebrated on Wednesday and Friday.
March 13-First Sunday of Great Fast.
March 19
-Second All Souls Saturday.
March 25-Annunciation of the Mother of God.
March 26-Third All Souls Saturday. Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel.


April 6- Death of Methodius, Apostle to the Slavs.
April 17-Palm Sunday
April 22-Good Friday. Strict fast and abstinence required. No meat or dairy products.
April 24
-Easter Sunday - Pascha. Resurrection of our Lord. Blessing of Easter Baskets following the Divine Liturgy
April 25-Bright Monday. Bright week is free from fast and abstinence.
April 26-Bright Tuesday.
April 27-Bright Wednesday.
April 28-Bright Thursday.
April 29-Bright Friday.
April 30-Bright Saturday.


May 11-Cyril and Methodius, Apostles to the Slavs.
May 15-Sunday of the Paralytic Man.
May 18-Mid Pentecost.
May 19
-Patrick, Bishop-Martyr
May 22-Sunday of the Samaritan Woman.
May 29-Sunday of the Man Born Blind.
May 26-Third Finding of the Head of John the Baptist.


June 1-Final Day of Pascha.
June 2-Ascension of Our Lord.
June 5
-Sunday of the Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council.
June 11-Fifth All Souls Saturday.
June 12
-Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost Week is free from fast and abstinence.
June 13-Pentecost Monday.
June 19
-Sunday of All Saints
June 20-Beginning of the Apostles Fast (June 20-28)
June 24-Birth of John the Baptist
June 29-Peter and Paul, Pre-Eminent Apostles.


July 2-Deposition of the Robe of the Mother of God.
July 17-Sunday of the Fathers of the Six Ecumenical Council.
July 20-Elijah - Great Prophet.


August 1-Procession of the Cross. Lesser Blessing of Water. Beginning of the Dormition Fast (August 1-14)
August 6-Transfiguration of Our Lord. Blessing of Fruit.
August 12-Poor Clares, Our Venerable Mother Clare.
August 15-Dormition of the Mother of God. Blessing of Flowers.
August 29-Beheading of John the Baptist. Strict abstinence from meat and dairy products.


September 1-Beginning of the Church Year.
September 8-Birth of the Mother of God
September 14-Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Strict abstinence from meat or dairy products.
September 19-The daily reading of the Gospel of St. Luke begins on the Monday after the Sunday of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. The Epistles continue to read without interruption. This results in a discrepancy in the reading of the Epistles and Gospels until the end of December.


October 1-Protection of the Mother of God
October 16-32nd Anniversary of SS. Cyril & Methodius Byzantine Catholic Church


November 8-Archangel Michael and all Angels
November 15
-Beginning of St. Phillip's Fast (November 15-December 24)
November 21-Entrance of the Mother of God


December 6-Feast Day of St. Nicholas
December 8-Feast of St. Anna (Conception of St. Anna)
December 12-Our Lady of Guadalupe
December 25-Christmas. Birth of Our Lord.
December 26-Synaxis of the Mother of God.
December 27-Stephen Protomartyr.


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